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The Misty Mountain Hop

Cascades, waterfalls and wonder

Mostly, days in the Blue Mountains are sparkling, bright sunshine, clear skies. But sometimes it does happen that the mist rolls in and the rain comes down.

Good News! The Mountains are AWESOME on a misty day – the grey-blue haze of the forests bursts into dazzling shades of green, the trees dress up in cloaks of grey mist, and walking along the clifftop path feels like striding through pillowy clouds. Best of all, when the heavens really open up, our waterfalls come to shouting, joyous life.

Here are some of the best places to enjoy the Blue Mountains on one of our wet and wonderful days.

TIP: In the mountains weather changes fast – a grey day can turn good (or a good day turn wet and cold) quicker than you can say “wish I’d brought my sunhat/warmest jacket/gumboots”. Save your shivers by wearing layers, and pack a light rain jacket just in case.

Time Needed:

One Day

Best Bus Pass:

Lyrebird Pass




Forest Bushwalks

Scenic World Rides


Stop 6 – Echo Point (Three Sisters)

Stop 8 – Katoomba Cascades

take the 30min Katoomba Cascades walk to Katoomba Falls

Stop 9 – Katoomba Falls

Take the 120min Furber Steps & Federal Pass walk to Scenic World

Stop 10 – Scenic World

Stop 18 – Leura Cascades

Stop 21 – Lyrebird Dell

take the 60min Lyrebird Dell walk to Gordon Falls

Stop 22 – Leura Village


Echo Point and the Three Sisters

Don’t ignore the most famous view in the Blue Mountains just because there’s a bit of rain.

Misty days can be magical here. As the fog rising from the valley lifts and swirls, it often parts to reveal hazy sunlight beaming on the Three Sisters.

Lucky you! – you just got the kind of once-in-a-lifetime photo that our local photographers wait months to capture.

Katoomba Cascades & Reids Plateau

With that extra bit of rain and mist, the Katoomba Cascades walk is a must-see when wet weather strikes! The waterfalls and cascades will give you some wonderful photo opportunities as the mist rises up from Katoomba Falls.


Scenic World

Scenic World Must See, Shopping Allow 2 hours Hop off at Explorer Bus Stop # 11 Wheelchair Accessible Purchase Explorer...

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Furber Steps and Scenic World

The best place to be on a rainy day is beside a roaring waterfall.

If you can handle the wet and want a good walk, the walk down the Furber Steps is a great option.

There are some truly spectacular falls on this downhill-all-the-way hike, and at the bottom you can explore magical rainforest – as it was meant to be enjoyed, rain and all!

Walk the Scenic Boardwalk through tree ferns and towering turpentine trees, then ride back up on either the Scenic Railway or Scenic Cableway (the one-way ticket costs $21, you will be charged as you leave the ride if you don’t have a Scenic World Unlimited Ride Pass).

Tip: One of the most surreal and amazing things to do on one of our rare foggy days is to take a ride on the Scenic Skyway or Cableway. You’re floating in a little glass bubble with nothing to tell you which way is up and which is down – a unique experience!

Leura Cascades Bushwalk

The walk down beside Leura Cascades is one of our favourite short walks, and it’s absolutely unmissable after good rain when the cascades turn from a pleasant trickle to a thunderous roar.

This is one of the best places to savour the Blue Mountains on a rainy day – but if you just want a quick look and to get back to shelter as quickly as possible, this is a short enough walk that you can easily get down and back without getting completely soaked.

Lyrebird Dell and the Pool of Siloam

This last walk is no less grand, as the Pool of Siloam only gets better in the wet weather. Climb down a Giant Stairway and plunge into the misty rainforest where a waterfall pours into a cool rocky glade.

Back up the steps, the track will take you past a deep sandstone cave which was used as a shelter by Aboriginal people as far back as 12,000 years. If you look carefully, you can find ancient carvings in the stone.

Café Leura

Café Leura Food & Drink Hop off at Explorer Bus Stop #22 With their focus on the community and hospitality,...

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Afternoon Tea in Leura

As you sit down with a hot mug of tea and a plate of scones smothered in jam and cream, congratulate yourself: you’re a true Explorer, and you’ve unlocked more rainy-day secrets of the wild and beautiful Blue Mountains than the people who came on tour buses could ever dream of doing.

Treat yourself a nice hot coffee or a cold milkshake at Café Leura. If you’re hungry, you can try some food off their all-day lunch menu, which has a great range of local and international cuisine. From a classic double-cheeseburger to some tasty Mediterranean falafel.


Looking for a hot meal?

Reward yourself to a nice hot meal in Leura Village. Right off the bus, you’ll find some wonderful hidden gems! Try out some authentic Italian-style pizza at Pizza Sublime. Made with time-old techniques and state-of-the-art pizza ovens, these pizza’s are a great way to celebrate your hard work.

Afterwards, head to The Bunker and try out one of their awesome cocktails. With an incredible range of beers, wines, and spirits, The Bunker is a great place to relax with a drink.