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Three Sisters Walk

Echo Point Return

You can’t miss this view! The Three Sisters are a trio of sandstone ribs that stand tall above the forest wilderness of the Jamison Valley. Echo Point has the best view of them, with Mount Solitary rising above the Jamison Valley, and the blue ridges stretching away to infinity.


The Blue Mountains were once the floor of a shallow sea. Over millions of years, the sandy seabed was crushed and squashed into solid rock – and after the sea receded, creeks and rivers spent another few million years chiselling out the plateaus, ridges and cliffs that fill your eyes from the amazing viewpoint of Echo Point.

Of course, we could tell a more poetic story of how the Three Sisters came into being – a legend of a Gundungurra magic man, his three beautiful daughters, and a terrifying Bunyip… but our drivers love to tell this one, so we won’t spoil it for you.

Echo Point is the single most popular attraction in the Blue Mountains, and it can be selfie stick heaven when the tour buses arrive from Sydney. With the Explorer Bus, you can skip the tourist rush and head to Echo Point when it’s best.

The walk down to the Three Sisters is quick and easy thanks to a new track (wheelchair-accessible most of the way), and you should definitely walk down the first part of the Giant Stairway to Honeymoon Bridge, which takes you across a ravine to an overhang on the shoulder of the First Sister.

There’s a Visitor Centre at Echo Point where you can pick up information, maps and souvenirs of the Blue Mountains.

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