Bushwalk: Gordon Falls Lookout to Pool of Siloam

Bushwalks, Waterfalls

This walk takes you down to a beautiful small waterfall then along a shady rainforest creek. It’s a great example of what makes the Blue Mountains such an amazing place to visit: you’re only steps away from civilisation, yet you feel all alone in the wilderness.

The climb down to Pool of Siloam is a miniature Giant Stairway, plunging down and down into the rainforest to reach the Pool of Siloam, where a waterfall pours into a cool rocky glade. This beautiful spot used to boast a very deep pool, but runoff from the streets upstream has filled it with sand; there’s now a beach at the base of the waterfall.

Climb back up the steps as far as the top of the waterfall and follow the track beside the stream. The track takes you past a deep sandstone cave which was used as a shelter by Aboriginal people as far back as 12,000 years, and brings you out on Malvern Road, one block from the Explorer Bus stop on Leura Mall. You can hail the next bus, or walk into the centre of Leura village in about 10 minutes.

Extensions and Alternatives

Everglades to Lyrebird Dell

You can extend this walk by taking the right fork from Lyrebird Dell that leads up to the National Trust-listed Everglades house and garden. Not many people choose to do this as a bushwalk in its own right, but it’s a pleasant and quick way back to Leura village after visiting Everglades, taking you from the carefully designed terraces and avenues of Paul Sorensen’s landscaped garden to the wilder designs of Mother Nature.

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