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Katoomba Cascades

Katoomba Cascades to Katoomba Falls

If you only have time for one walk, this is a great choice as you get to enjoy a little bit of everything. Cascades, waterfalls, cliff top views, native birds and some awesome opportunities for pictures!


Tucked away off the road between Scenic World and Echo Point, Katoomba Cascades are best to visit after heavy rain, when the sandstone ledges disappear behind a wall of rushing water.

Other times, Katoomba Cascades makes a scenic destination to a great short walk that also takes in one of the best views in the Blue Mountains. From Explorer Bus Stop 8, walk down the steps and go left at the crossroads, gently downhill through forest and trailing ferns, to reach a lookout at the lip of huge Katoomba Falls. (You can’t see much of the waterfall from here, but that will come.)

Head upstream on an excellent new boardwalk through hanging swamp to reach Katoomba Cascades. The creek is wide and shallow here, and you can paddle across to the base of the waterfall.

Retrace your steps to the crossroads, and this time walk up the steps to the secluded sandstone island of Reid’s Plateau. A track loops all the way around, wriggling through a quirky man-made cave shelter and skirting the edge of a deep canyon, before bringing you out to the main lookout.

From here you get a fantastic view over the Jamison Valley and Mount Solitary, with the Scenic Skyway’s yellow cable car floating high above. And there’s a very good chance you’ll have it all to yourself.

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