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The Family Fun Day

A full day of fun for the family

There are so many magical places for families with children of all ages to explore. Cascades, waterfalls, and puddles to splash in, parks with outdoor play, hidden caves, fun activities and more. There is a “real” bus to drive in our booking office and of course, all the fun of Scenic World’s Skyway, Railway, Walkway & Cableway! Exploring with us is fun and safe, however we recommend that you always supervise young children closely when bush walking as there are cliffs, slippery surfaces, native animals, reptiles and other potential hazards. 

With our frequent timetable you can spend as much or as little time as you want at each stop, and whenever you’re on board our drivers will keep you entertained with all sorts of stories about the Blue Mountains.

TIP: Well-fed kids are happy kids, so carry plenty of snacks and drinking water. There are times on this itinerary when you won’t be near shops and cafes.

Time Needed:

1 Day

Best Bus Pass:

Lyrebird Pass


Scenic Rides

Discovering & Exploring Nature



Stop 6 – Echo Point (3 Sisters)

Stop 8 – Katoomba Cascades

take the 30min Katoomba Cascades walk to Katoomba Falls

Stop 10 – Scenic World

Stop 13 – Cahills Lookout

Stop 18 – Leura Cascades

Stop 19 – Gordon Falls Lookout

take the 30min Prince Henry Cliff walk to Olympian Rock

Stop 22 – Leura Village


Three Sisters Walk

The Three Sisters walk is an easy and enjoyable family-friendly walk to start off your trip. With no pressure to get to the next stop, you can take this return walk at any pace you like (it usually takes around 30min). You’ll immediately be immersed in soaring eucalyptus trees, native bird song, and fresh mountain air.

This walk has plenty of lookouts, which provide places to stop and rest while you enjoy the stunning scenery around you.


Grab a snack

Right as you return from your walk is a great point to make sure everyone’s fed and happy. If you’re light on snacks, head to the Milkbar at the Lookout Restaurant at Echo Point. Here, you’ll be sure to find anything you need, from some classic fish and chips, to a healthy fruit yoghurt.


Katoomba Cascades and Reid's Lookout

Hop off at Katoomba Cascades (Stop 8) and do the 20-minute walk to the bottom of Katoomba Cascades. There are a few steps down to get to the first lookout, but a smooth wide boardwalk makes it easy to follow the creek up to the base of the cascades. There’s a nice rock platform here, where you can dip your fingers in the clear mountain stream.

Take the short diversion up steps to see the amazing view from Reid’s Plateau, with the Three Sisters, Katoomba Falls, Orphan Rock and Mount Solitary, and the yellow cable car floating high above. See who can spot the Cableway diving down into the trees first!


Scenic World

The rides at Scenic World are suitable for all ages, and the young guys and girls who drive the Skyway, Cableway and Scenic Railway are great at making kids feel welcome. Many families tell us this is the most exciting part of their day.

The easiest way to do Scenic World is to start with a return trip on the Skyway (stand over the “disappearing” glass floor for maximum excitement), then take your seat on the Scenic Railway – the Steepest Railway in the World.

While the Indiana Jones music plays, you drop down smoothly through a natural tunnel in the rock and shoot out amid amazing rainforest in the bottom of the valley.

Check out the push-button mining displays around the Scenic Railway station, then take the short boardwalk (easy to do with a stroller) to the Scenic Cableway.


Scenic World

Scenic World Must See, Shopping Allow 2 hours Hop off at Explorer Bus Stop # 11 Wheelchair Accessible Purchase Explorer...

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You’re walking through forest that looks like something out of Jurassic World here, with huge ferns as big as trees and long curling vines that you wish you could swing on.

Ride the Cableway back up for more gasp-inducing views of the Three Sisters, then race through the gift shop and hop back on the Explorer Bus.

Lunch at Peckmans Plateau

After your adventures at Scenic World, it’s time to wind down with a short, easy return walk out to Peckmans Plateau. Hop off at Cahills Lookout and make your way to the perfect picnic spot for the most idyllic snack break!


Leura Cascades

Hop off the bus and get ready for a slightly more challenging return walk. This 60min walk takes you past a never-ending series small waterfalls, with corridors of tree ferns arching overhead. Soon, you’ll come to see the Meeting of the Waters, where two creeks come together in a gorgeous scene overlooked by bridges and ferns.

At the end of the boardwalk you’ll find a spectacular view over the top of Bridal Veil Falls. Here’s the perfect spot to snap that family picture while you rest! Once your energy is back up, simply retrace your steps .

Gordon Falls Lookout and Olympian Rock

Enjoy a nice cool down as you walk out to Gordon Fall lookout and back. Only 20-30min, this return walk will take you out to a rocky lookout with expansive views of the area.

On your way back, turn down the track to Olympian Rock for another short 20-30min walk, enjoying the views of Elysian Rock along the way. This walk has some of the best views of the Blue Mountains, so allow plenty of time for you and your family to stop and take it all in.


Chocolates and Toy Shops in Leura

Right off the bus stop, you’ll find some lovely places to eat and relax. If you’re looking for a nice snack to take home, you can take the kids to Josophan’s Fine Chocolates for some awesome artisan chocolates and ice-cream!

Ride the bus into the centre of Leura village and browse the many wonderful shops for unique gifts and fun souvenirs. Don’t miss the great little toy shop, and check out the Nook Craft Co-operative at the top of Leura Mall for handmade stuffed toys and dolls’ clothes.


Catch the train - or come drive a bus

If you’re heading back to Sydney you can get straight on the train at Leura. Or hop on the Explorer Bus for one last ride back to our Katoomba store, where you can climb into the driver’s seat of our replica Big Red Bus – a unique photo reminder of your fantastic day in the Blue Mountains.