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Prince Henry Cliff Walk

Katoomba Falls to Echo Point

Enjoy a slightly longer trek than average, with a number of stunning lookout spots along the way such as: Cliff View Lookout, Wollumai Lookoot, Allambie Lookout and Lady Darley’s Lookout.


Anyone who does this walk will want to bring their camera with them for sure, as the path winds and undulates with the cliff edge. Feel free to stop frequently as there are many lookouts on the way that gaze over the verdant forests below.

This walk is nice and easy but slightly longer than most, which means you have plenty of time to gently meander along the cliff edge, admiring the views as you go. At the end of the track, you’ll find yourself at Echo Point, where there’s any number of offshoot paths if you want to extend your journey a little bit. But for those who want to take it easy, Echo Point is a great location to sit and rest, with wonderful views and a bus stop close by.

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