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Prince Henry Cliff Walk

Carrington Park to Echo Point

We recommend this walk for those who are planning to stay a few days. It’s a great walk for people who are looking for a change of pace, something a little different.

This 90min walk will give you a little bit of a challenge to begin with, as you make your way to the edge of the plateau. But don’t worry, your work will pay off quickly, and the walk will soon become a very pleasant cliff top walk, with expansive views.

Along the way, Honeymoon Lookout offers a lovely place to rest and admire the views before you reach the stop of the Giant Stairway. From there, you can take a little detour and head down to the Three Sisters below,  across Honeymoon Bridge, before heading back up the Giant Stairway and continuing your trek to Echo Point. (Bus stop 6).



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