Everglades Historic House & Gardens

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Leura is famous for its beautiful gardens, and Everglades is the biggest and best of them all. Set on almost 13 acres, the gardens (designed by famous landscape architect Paul Sorensen) are a magical mixture of formal and wild. One minute you’re walking through sculpted hedges, the next roaming among waterfalls, pools and rock outcrops.

Everglades was designed in the 1930s for the Belgian wool exporter Henri Van de Velde. The house is a real mix-and-match of Art Deco and Mediterranean features – and check out the windows, made from the portholes of old luxury cruise liners.

In the gardens you’ll find giant redwoods towering over extensive flowerbeds of daffodils and tulips.

Our favourite part of the gardens is the Grotto Pool, which looks like a beautiful natural waterhole but was entirely man made – including the 40-ton boulder that forms the pool dam, which was moved here by hand.

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